Maximum relief minimum treatments

Maximum relief minimum treatments

Maximum relief minimum treatments

Osteopathy in Moseley Cheltenham and Walsall

Welcome to the Moseley Osteopathy website.



The BAC centre has closed until further notice. Minimum one month, probably more. I will update as and when I know more.

We may offer an emergency service in the following weeks – I am waiting to hear from the Clinic Manager if this is will be possible.


Six Ways Clinic in Walsall, is trying to organise doing some emergency cover for people who are in severe difficulty – obviously with muscle-skeletal problems. Trying to call into the local walk-in centre or the nearest A&E is not going to be a good idea ( maybe not possible ) for a while, so an osteopathic treatment / acupuncture would probably be better for everyone concerned. I am waiting on the Clinic Manager to decide what hours we can provide.

Oakwell Health in Cheltenham will remain open for emergency cover. Contact me via this website and I will try to find a convenient time. 

IMPORTANT – please do not come in for a treatment if you have any of the following symptoms

1/ Sudden, unusual onset of extreme tiredness

2/ Any fever at all, technically more than 37.8 degC, but in reality – just hot to the touch ( back and chest ) –  you do not need to measure your temperature, it will be obvious.

3/ Cough ( especially persistent and dry ) or unusual breathing difficulty.

If you do have all of these, you should be self isolating, looking at the NHS CV-19 website, calling 111 and only calling into your hospital if symptoms are very bad / worsening.




Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Mussen and I qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1997. I have worked all over the country and in France over the last 23 years. For the last 13 years I have been working in Walsall and Worcester. Having lived in Moseley for this time AND noticing that there is not an osteopath currently working in the area, I decided to start an osteopathic clinic in the highly regarded BAC Centre on Wake Green Rd – a friendly and professional clinic a few hundred metres from Alcester Rd. I have been working there on Monday afternoons since April 2015. 

I have been working in the Six Ways Clinic, Walsall since 2010 and started to work in the Oakwell Health Clinic in Cheltenham in late 2019.

My philosophy is to try to get people better fast. It is a matter of professional pride for me to do this. Some clinics and practitioners have been known to try to get patients to return for a minimum number of treatments via further “check ups” or unnecessary “maintenance” treatments. These can sometimes be of use and are occasionally essential BUT for the majority of times are not needed. Where they can be very useful is explained quickly on the Maintenance Treatment page. Before we get into details, let me just quickly answer the questions below:


What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a healing technique which involves the diagnosis and treatment of structural and mechanical dysfunctions of the body –  hands on approach encouraging freedom from pain and discomfort with no drugs or surgery. We can treat problems in babies through to OAPs.

It recognizes that the body is an intrinsically self healing, self regulating and self correcting organism. Osteopathy helps the body to help itself.

Osteopaths do not simply concentrate on the problem area but use manual techniques to balance the interrelated systems and parts of the body to improve health and wellbeing.

Health is not just absence of disease. True health is when the body can cope will physical challenges and can then restore itself to an optimum pain free state afterwards. 

Recent research has shown that osteopathy has got an ( unheard of ) 96% customer satisfaction rating. I am determined to keep up this very high standard. 

Is osteopathy safe?

The General Osteopathic Council regulates the practice of osteopathy in the UK, promoting patient safety by setting and monitoring standards of osteopathic conduct. By law, an osteopath must be registered and comply with strict regulatory requirements. This gives the patients the same sorts of guarantees as those given by doctors, dentists and physiotherapists.

In 2018 Osteopathy became the 14th profession to be recognised by Public Health England ( NHS ) as an Allied Health Profession This means that alongside physiotherapists, paramedics, dentists, radiographers etc etc we are now allowed to work in hospitals and GPs surgeries. Osteopathy is no longer a “complimentary” medicine… we are fully mainstream.

I am also a member of the excellent Institute of Osteopathy, an organisation        that promotes our services in the UK as well as encouraging more research and mentoring programmes to younger / less experienced osteopaths.


Can I bring someone else with me?

Of course you can. If by having someone you know in the room will help make you feel more comfortable, you are more than welcome to do so. Unless there is a calm, trusting and relaxed atmosphere in the treatment room, progress with a problem is harder to make.


70-80% of people only need 2-3 treatments to get 70-80% better!


In the cases when someone strains their back whilst gardening, twisting during ball games or lifting things ( awkwardly out of a car ) this is often the case. If someone gets a cricked neck by sleeping awkwardly or by looking upwards for too long whilst decorating this is also often the case. The same with shoulder and hip strains. If someone is relatively healthy and it is their first problem  ( OR 2nd or 3rd problem with many years inbetween episodes ) these generally fix quickly. This is all the more likely   IF the person can REST the affected area plus can take a short, intense dose of ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES. Remember, painkillers mask problems whilst A.Is can help heal the problem. Also, MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE can be amazingly beneficial to a certain amount of people.

People with a long term, chronic, repetitive problem who are very unfit ( very poor core / abdomenal tone ) OR have a job which continually irritates the problem area    ( driving, lifting, operating tills or tools, mums and grand parents lifting babies and  toddlers! ) can take more time to fix. BUT if advice is followed and sensible precautions taken the vast majority of problems can be eased greatly even if they cannot be cured.

For chronic tendon problems ( arm, knee, ankle etc ) I use shockwave therapy. This is NICE’s ( National Institute of Clinical Excellence – the government organisation who decide which drugs / treatments are the most effective ) treatment of choice for these problems, having trialed and researched outcomes of 70-90% success rates. See the shockwave page for more details.


“Wear and tear” is NOT untreatable!  


How many people get fobbed off with the explaination “Ah Mr/Mrs Jones,  your problem is due to wear and tear / osteo-arthritis. This is inevitable. It can’t be treated. Take these painkillers.” Thousands is the answer. Yes, wear and tear is frequently inevitable ( in fact it is the NORM for most over +/- 45 year olds ) BUT if surrounding muscles are loosened, the joints are moved, tendons are stretched chronic low to high levels of pain can be hugely reduced. The PAIN is often in the surrounding tissues rather than in the joint itself. Many patients having suffered for many, many years who finally find their way to a decent health practitioner are frequently surprised and upset that have put up with unnecessary pain for so long.











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